Thursday, December 7, 2006

Willard-Cybulski Prison in Enfield, CT Tortures Prisoners

I was an inmate at Willard-Cybulski Prison in Enfield, Ct. Essentially, it violates prisoners human rights by subjecting them to involuntary sexual treatment to alter their sex drives, various brainwashing techniques, has prisoners and staff working jointly in which inmates private data, correspondence, and every intimate detail of their private lives are shared for the purpose of embarrassment, mental confusion, etc. Shame on you Govenor Jodi Rell for allowing 4 female administrators to run a Male Minimum Security Prison. Obviously, since the Commissioner of the Prison System is also a female, it is not surprising.

It does not take too much imagination to understand the implications. The system is ripe for abusiveness which does indeed take place.

I will update you on far more detail about witholding of medication that is court mandated, and various other illegal acts shortly. I will provide details of how prisoners are brainwashed, who is protecting who and their interests in the Connecticut Criminal System and Mafia involvement.